Course Website

Course materials will be posted at the course blog: https://dshizuka.github.io/RCourse/

Course Goals

Required Materials

How the Course Works


Students will be evaluated based on 4 criteria. (1) Participation [25 points], (2) Take-home assignments [25 points], (2) Project proposal [15 points] (3) Write-up of independent project [35 points].

Independent Project

You will spend several weeks during the course conducting independent projects. We will have regular class during this time, but I will be available to help you with your R codes. This is an opportunity for you to work on something new that will further your research goals. I will leave the format fairly open, but here are some suggestions: (1) Conduct new analyses of your own data (2) Re-create models and/or figures from a publication in your field (I recommend this approach—it really helps you understand concepts at a new level). (3) Conduct meta-analyses or re-analysis of publically available data.

You will submit a brief plan (< 2 pages) of your project on During the 5th week of the course. However, you can start your project earlier than that. You will submit a write-up (~5 pages, double-spaced including figures) at the end of the course.

Students with disabilities

Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the instructor for a confidential discussion of their individual needs for academic accommodation. It is the policy of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to provide flexible and individualized accommodation to students with documented disabilities that may affect their ability to fully participate in course activities or to meet course requirements. To receive accommodation services, students must be registered with the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office, 132 Canfield Administration, 472-3787 voice or TTY.

Tentative course schedule (subject to change!)

Before the Course

Please do the following things before we meet for the first class.

  1. Download and Install R
    Go to https://cran.r-project.org/ and follow directions for downloading and installing R. Even if you already have R, upgrade to the latest version. It will make things easier to have everyone on the same version.
  2. Download and Install R Studio
    Go to https://www.rstudio.com/products/rstudio/download/ and download the R Studio Desktop installer. Follow directions to install the program.
  3. Bookmark the Course CryptPad
    CryptPad is a super useful way to follow along with the codes in real time. We will use this site in class. I have created a course “pad”. You should bookmark this link in your favorite browser